September 2011 Started to work for the Media Institute Fojo in Kalmar, Sweden, organizing courses and seminars for professional journalists.

Jon Beaupre, professor at California State Universtiy in Los Angeles, reads and corrects my English script on Afghanistan. 

Feb 22 Discussing the perception of Peace Journalism at lecture with masterstudents in Gobal Journalism at Örebro Universtity.

Feb 8 Lecture for masterstudents in Global Journalism on Media practises and copyright issues.

Jan 28 In charge of political debate on local economy arranged by Örebro Promotion.

Curriculum vitae



Back to Freelancing with own company, CISCO VISION. Journalistic work, assignments as moderator and lecturer, also produce reports etc.

Editor-in-chief and station-manager at radio-station in Örebro 2002 – 2007.

Published two books on CISCO VISION; Afghanistan Inga Problem 1999 (Afghansitan No Problems) and Afghanistan Framför Ögonen 2004 (Afghansitan In front of Your Eyes).

Assignment at EU-commission office in Sweden for six months 2001 while Sweden chaired the EU-commission with meetings all around Sweden.

Wrote two reports 2000 about a murder investigation involving young children in the Swedish town Arvika on assignment for the the regional police and the social authorities in the community; Kevin-fallet and Arvika efter Kevin.

Worked as reporter for Swedish Television at the foreign desk and with domestic news off and on starting in the summer of 1998 - 2000.

Assignment as executive producer for UR,  the Educational Channel at Swedish Television 1997 - 1998. Was responsible for larger productions for TV, radio and Internet about ‘News journalism’ and ‘EMU’ among others.

Evaluation of a SIDA-project on assignment for the Olof Palme International Centre; study an opposition broadcasting station to Burma, collected information in Thailand, Burma, Norway and Sweden; Evaluation of DVB.

Spend greater part of 1996 in Afghanistan, reporting mainly for Swedish National Public Radio. Have since then returned 12 times, have also visited other countries in the region like Pakistan, Kazakhstan, and Tajikistan.  

Freelance journalist based in Los Angeles, USA 1989 - 1994. Reported for Swedish National Public Radio and wrote for Swedish newspapers and magazines mainly about environment, economy, culture and social issues but also Hollywood.

Radio reporter and producer for Swedish National Public Radio, in the national newsroom etc 1984 - 1988 . Before then reporter and producer on local radio stations 1980 – 1983.

Worked as tour guide in Europe with American tourists 1976 - 1979, based in Kitzbühel in the wintertime and Luxembourg in the summertime.

While studying at the university I had different jobs like substitute in my old high, waitress and tour guide.


University of Stockholm.  Followed a 10 point course for journalists; ‘Computers and society’.

1979 – 1980
University of Stockholm. Studied social anthropology (40 points) and film science (20 p).

1974 – 1976
University of Stockholm. Studied political science (60p). Worked as research assistant in a project about immigrants and their right to vote in local elections.

1973 - 1974
Bar Lock. Secretary school in Stockholm.

Graduated from high school in Sweden, Hersby, Lidingö.

High school diploma in California as AFS-student from South Pasadena High School, CA.


UGL - a cognitive week’s course in 2006 on leadership and group dynamics, first launched by the Armed Forces.

Crisis management in society 2004, arranged by the County Administrative Board.

To be a leader”, Swedish Radio course for managers during four occasions 2002 – 2003.


Member of a reference group for Örebro Regional Development Council 2007 -

Member of a faculty board at the University of Örebro 2003 – 2006.

Member of Swedish PEN since 2004.

When young, I did plenty of volunteer work for Amnesty International; started work groups, was part of a group that wrote and printed the member’s journal and organized yearly conference.

Member of Swedish Reporters Without Borders, RUG.


Owns a horse, loves riding and being in the stable.

Friends. All around the globe, an invaluable asset.

Likes watching movies and periodically read books.

Also enjoys being a couch potato with remote control in hand…..


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