September 2011 Started to work for the Media Institute Fojo in Kalmar, Sweden, organizing courses and seminars for professional journalists.

Jon Beaupre, professor at California State Universtiy in Los Angeles, reads and corrects my English script on Afghanistan. 

Feb 22 Discussing the perception of Peace Journalism at lecture with masterstudents in Gobal Journalism at Örebro Universtity.

Feb 8 Lecture for masterstudents in Global Journalism on Media practises and copyright issues.

Jan 28 In charge of political debate on local economy arranged by Örebro Promotion.

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No one leaves Nina Hjelmgren´s lectures indifferent.

Her energy is engaging, she shares from her source of experience and opens up for discussions with great curiosity. She is a frequent traveler between cultures and environments and feels at home in California, Afghanistan and Sweden.

Nina Hjelmgren lecturers in Global Journalism, a masters programme at Örebro University with students from all over the world. The programme is in English. Stig Arne Nohrstedt is the professor and Roland Stanbridge responsible for the masters programme.
Nina Hjelmgren also gives lectures for other groups with focus on the conditions and dilemmas of journalism like freedom of speech, press laws and protection of sources.

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