September 2011 Started to work for the Media Institute Fojo in Kalmar, Sweden, organizing courses and seminars for professional journalists.

Jon Beaupre, professor at California State Universtiy in Los Angeles, reads and corrects my English script on Afghanistan. 

Feb 22 Discussing the perception of Peace Journalism at lecture with masterstudents in Gobal Journalism at Örebro Universtity.

Feb 8 Lecture for masterstudents in Global Journalism on Media practises and copyright issues.

Jan 28 In charge of political debate on local economy arranged by Örebro Promotion.

Nina Hjelmgren

Journalist, author, lecturer, moderator, photographer.
Enjoys a rich social life in Sweden, California and Afghanistan.
Likes living in Örebro - in the heart of Sweden - with access to large parts of the country and the rest of the world.
Owns a horse named Pitou and rides more or less daily.
Have lately travelled to Afghanistan, West Sahara and California, USA. And Rome.
Lived in South Pasadena outside Los Angeles 1989 -1994, reported in leading Swedish media about most everything including pollution, earth quakes, peace demonstrations and Hollywood. Was a columnist writing about shared intimacies in houses not sound-proof, Mustang rides in the Sierras and presidential conventions.
Travelled to Afghanistan for the first time in March 1996.
Have produced numerous reports for Swedish National Public Radio and Television from Afghanistan. Films her own TV reports. So also in West Sahara in 2008.
Published her first book ”Afghanistan No Problems” 1999, the second book ”Afghanistan In Front of the Eyes” 2004 on CISCO VISION. Have had them translated into English and works on a sequel.
Was Editor-in-Chief and station manager for Swedish National Public Radio in Örebro 2002 – 2007. Have since then returned to her own business; CISCO VISION.
Gives lecturers at Örebro University in Global Journalism, a Masters programme.
Works as moderator for e.g. The County Administrative Board on issues like climate change, urban entrepreneurs and energy.
Lectures about Afghanistan all around Sweden, e.g. the Swedish Armed Forces’ training of translators, Utrikespolitiska studentföreningen vid Linköping universitet (student association on foreign issues) and Zonta. Implement media training with emphasis on democracy issues at The County Administrative Board.
Writes reports; during 2009 for the Regional Board in Örebro about the need to update to story telling about the region.
Also participated in a group working on the basics to eventually start a new journalism programme with international focus at the Örebro University.
Currently writes the third part about Afghanistan: “Muslem and I”, looking for an international publisher…

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