September 2011 Started to work for the Media Institute Fojo in Kalmar, Sweden, organizing courses and seminars for professional journalists.

Jon Beaupre, professor at California State Universtiy in Los Angeles, reads and corrects my English script on Afghanistan. 

Feb 22 Discussing the perception of Peace Journalism at lecture with masterstudents in Gobal Journalism at Örebro Universtity.

Feb 8 Lecture for masterstudents in Global Journalism on Media practises and copyright issues.

Jan 28 In charge of political debate on local economy arranged by Örebro Promotion.



Pitou och jag - om ömsesidig resekt, kärlek och tillit

Lovad leverens före lucia. Vill du beställa? Kostar 89:- plus porto, väger under 100gr. Maila beställningen till



2013-04-29 Welcome back!
It has been a while since I updated my webpage....
It is March in Sweden, snow still covers the ground.
   It is peaceful here. A place filled with serenity, as one of the masterstudents in Global Journalism expressed it. Many come from conflict-thorn countries to study here in my hometown.
   Surrounded by serenity, I have now written a third part about Afghanistan to complete my book in English...
2010-03-04 WELCOME!
Welcome to my new site! Welcome to Nina Hjelmgren and CISCO VISION....


Kersti E 2013-04-29

Snygg, enkel med andra ord tydlig. 2013-04-28

Your photos move me, as do your books, your career. Great site Nina!

Mildred Thulin 2013-04-28

Kära Nina. Hemsidan är jättebra. Dock tycker jag att du kan "skryta" lite mer om vad du åstadkommer i ditt arbete ochom den fantstiska humanitära insaten du gör.Du ger röst åt de som normalt inte hörs, det är så otroligt fint och osjälviskt.

Sven Lundberg 2013-04-28

Vilken fin sida. Kostar det mycket att få till en sida lik den här? Har hört att Wold Press ska vara kostnadsfritt men den här var snygg...som du :-) Kram /Sven

Ann Chi 2013-04-28

Kanon sida, bamse kram

Göran Samuelsson 2011-03-13

Din hemsida ger en mycket bra beskrivning av dina intressen och inte minst ditt engagemang vid händelser som inträffar både globalt och lokalt. Vilket spännande liv!Återkommer gärna till sidan.

nina 2011-01-10

Så vackra bilder!

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Nina Hjelmgren

Journalist, author, lecturer, moderator, photographer.

Enjoys a rich social life in Sweden, California and Afghanistan.

Now lives in Kalmar, Sweden. Works for Fojo, a Media Institute, creating courses and seminars for professional journalists.

Owns a horse named Pitou and ride more or less daily..

Have travelled to places like Afghanistanand other places in Central Asia, West Sahara and California, USA.

Lived in South Pasadena outside Los Angeles 1989 -1994, reported in Swedish media about most everything including pollution, earth quakes, piece demonstrations and Hollywood. Was a columnist writing about shared intimacies in houses not sound-proof, Mustang rides in the Sierras and presidential conventions. .

Travelled to Afghanistan for the first time in March 1996, long before 9/11.

Continues to lecture on Afghanistan.



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